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Dear friends,

I offer you a great opportunity to raise your standard of living in a creative way and become a local partner

Škole brzog čitanja i mudrog učenja. 

By entering the system, the local partner gains the knowledge and skills needed to implement a speed reading program,

program accelerated memoryspeed learningmethods of effective presentation

of learned material, as well as training and qualification of teaching staff.

Local partners

they can expect full support in the field of teaching and administration, further training of staff, as well as advice regarding the management and administration of the school.
The local partner can use the name of the School of Speed Reading and Wise Learning to be able to successfully implement the standard quality of service delivery designed and tested for many years in the country and abroad in its

If you are interested in opening a School of Speed Reading and Wise Learning in your area , feel free to contact us:
064 / 55-8888-7
We are looking for local partners in the cities of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, BiH and Croatia.