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Experts believe that a five-year-old child can concentrate on one task for an average of 10 to 15 minutes; a school-age child should be able to devote his concentration to a certain activity for much longer - up to forty minutes, as long as the school hour lasts. However, quality concentration also requires timely rest from focused activity, so it is good to take short breaks between periods dedicated to one activity. These breaks do not have to last long; often a few minutes is enough for children to refresh their concentration. Of course, the purposefulness of a break depends to some extent on the length and severity of the activity that preceded it, and even more on what the child needs to do next, but for an average child ten to fifteen minutes is usually enough to "recover" even the most complex intellectual activities. So, in order for the child to maintain a sufficient level of concentration during a longer activity, it is recommended that he take a break every twenty to thirty minutes - during which he will engage in something completely different from the given activity; it can be the most common going out on the terrace, eating a few snacks, talking to a family member, playing one level of a game, making a short phone call or exchanging e-mails ... In this way, the child as a whole will be more concentrated and successful in continuing to perform the activity, than - under some kind of "coercion" - being asked to complete the activity in full, before he can do something else or go on for longer. resting. ADVICE FOR PARENTS: Be careful with the pressures you want to "motivate" your child to complete an obligation; sometimes it is MORE - actually LESS, and vice versa.