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Basic outcomes of this program

  • better motivation to learn
  • easier memory and harder to forget selected data
  • lakše pamćenje i teže zaboravljanje odabranih podataka
  • save time
  • more functional expression of what has been learned - in written and oral answers

Thematic basis of the program

  • Rank information by importance and interest
  • creative and effective taking notes on important elements
  • Memory techniques for memorizing enumerations, definitions, and similar text units
  • presentation skills when answering.
    The program has three basic versions; one lasting eight, another lasting sixteen, and a third lasting twenty-four workshops. Each workshop lasts 2 hours and 25 minutes (three school hours). Workshops are usually organized once a week - weekends . The main difference between these two variants of the program is the number of classes in which children and adults learn their real material, ie develop group learning techniques.
    Parents / guardians have the opportunity to join their children in initial and final workshops, in order to be able to support children in the implementation of this methodology in their daily learning.
    In addition to school-age children, this program is organized for adults - typically for students - but in that case the program adapts to adult participants - both at the level of methodology and at the level of technical aspects of the organization of workshops (workshops can last longer than three hours and are held more frequently).