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quadruple to five times the reading speed - regardless of the type of reading;

  • četvorostruko do petostruko povećanje brzine čitanja – nezavisno od vrste štiva;
  • 50 percent improvement in concentration and comprehension - regardless of the type of reading;
  • ability to quickly extract the most important information from a lesson , format it in the form of keywords, and organize it into a diagrammatic view ( map) from which I can fluently present the lesson aloud , and more easily answer the questions - with significantly better long-term memory;
  • three times faster memory - compared to peers - lists, definitions, songs and similar textual units - with drastically longer-term retention;
  • the ability to plan learning in a group , which can drastically reduce the time spent learning (especially suitable in cases where the child is absent from school for some reason).